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Introducing Your Puppy to the World, Slowly

The owner needs to expose a new puppy to as many sounds, sights, smells, people, animals and locations as possible, beginning as soon as the puppy arrives in his new home. This includes taking the dog to the vet, to the pet store, to the school yard (when children are playing), in the car, in an elevator, on a busy street, outside when the garbage truck and buses go by, near bicycles and skateboards, and around people of all ages, sex and ethnic backgrounds. The more new and positive things a puppy sees and experiences in these critical weeks, the better. Make sure that each of the following events is pleasant and non-threatening. If your puppy's first experience with something is painful and frightening, you will be defeating your purpose. In fact, you will be creating a phobia that may often last a lifetime. It's better to go too slow and assure your puppy is not frightened or injured than to rush and force your pup to meet new things and people too soon.