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Grooming at Puppy Love

Make Your Best Friend Have a Spa Day!

They say word of mouth is the best form of advertisement; In less than a year, we have vastly increased our grooming clientele thanks to you! As the new owner of Puppy Love, I wanted our puppies cared for on a regular basis and needed to hire the most experienced groomers. Groomers that not only showed love and care for puppies, but have the artistic ability to follow what our customers want their dog to look like, whether it is a breed or designer cut. Scissor skills with years of knowledge, and the ability to keep your dog safe is our top priority. Our grooming staff has over 20 years of experience, including show expedition quality.

Animal Behavior College Authorized Groomer
  • Our facilities are state of the art and able to accommodate all size dogs.
  • All dogs treated like royalty. They will receive a bow, tie or bandana,
    accompanied with an all natural perfume.
  • We have a specialty boutique shop and tend to any after care products
    you may need, be it food or cologne.

Each dog has its own specific needs and we make sure to cater to each and every dog, whether a young puppy or a seasoned older dog with special requirements. We take our time with every dog that comes into our spa and try our best to book appointments accordingly. Most of our groomings take about 2 to 3 hours - time, care and safety is our importance and recommend you come back every 4 weeks for healthy maintenance!

Dogs are comfortable with constant grooming and keeping a 4 week schedule not only helps keep your dog clean, but also gets them use to the process. Our groomers keep an eye on your pets health, spotting not only grooming concerns but health concerns such as ear infections, hot spots and other areas you may not initially see. Your pet's wellness is key! When you keep a consistent grooming schedule, it allows us to get you your dog back faster due to less time being needed on the grooming process, and in return, our prices are able to stay very reasonable!

Some people wonder if grooming and bathing is too much. The simple way to look at it is like ourselves, we need to condition our hair with products so we do not dry out -- dogs are the same way and we carry a variety of conditioner types for our clients. A well groomed pet, no matter what type of dog, decreases shedding in the house and prevents matting as well. There are certain types of dogs that require a weekly bath; if not, their skin gest too oily and causes them to break out. How often do you shower? Don't you think your best friend deserves a bath 12 times a year? Typically, a show dog is bathed every 4 days to keep them in top condition, and although you may not own a show dog, there is nothing wrong with keeping them looking like one.

Now accepting early drop-offs & late pick-ups between the hours of 8am and 7pm!

Grooming Services:
Now Available 7 Days a Week!

  • Toothbrushing • Toenail Clipping
  • Toenail Grinding • Express Anal Glands
  • Flea Bath • De-Matting
  • Severely Matted Shave Down • Bath

After the initial grooming we offer a variety
of special grooming packages for our clients ranging from 20-50% less than our standard pricing. Please discuss details with our groomer. These specials are based on breed
and time between grooms.

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